Aradena Dev Update | September 2022

Aradena Development Update September 2022

Hello, Warriors of Aradena!

It’s been another busy month at Aradena HQ with lots happening across the company. Our product team have been working hard to accelerate the development of Aradena: Battlegrounds. Whilst our CEO and COO have been in Singapore at Token2049 connecting with some of the industry’s leading VCs and games, laying the foundations for some exciting partnerships.

This update is all about what our dev team have been up to. They’ve been focused on delivering our roadmap and improving the World of Aradena. In this month’s update, we’ve built new features, improved the user experience and added some finishing touches to existing features.

Keep reading to find out more about what’s gone live in September…

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Discord roles

In our last update, we launched the Elder Gateway, which introduced NFT staking as a requirement to access in-game features such as Questing. This meant that the bot that we used in Discord to assign our holders with roles was no longer up to the job. Unfortunately, it’s not able to read data about how many NFTs people own from the staking smart contract, only from web3 wallets.

Our community management team has done a great job of manually assigning roles to our existing holders that are active in Discord. However, we needed a long-term solution that could read blockchain data, rather than relying on manpower and Discord DMs.

Our fantastic dev team has created a custom bot to solve the problem. Users can now get their roles in Discord if they go to their settings ( All you need to do is connect to the bot by hitting the ‘Connect Discord’ button and following the steps.

Aradena Custom Discord Bot

New user login/register

Web3 games struggle with barriers to entry, and requiring a wallet to view portions of the world means many people immediately abandon their investigation. We want to improve the onboarding experience for our web visitors and let people explore more before connecting a wallet.

Now, new users will have a way to create a game account without having a wallet. They can simply create an account and log in with an email and password. This opens our site up to anyone on the internet, allowing more eyeballs to see our fantastic product. It also gives us a way to contact them down the line when battlegrounds launches.

Aradena Email Sign Up Page

Users that sign up via email will have access to the Library, the Tavern, the new leaderboard and the new analytics page (more on them later). Locations such as the Noticeboard and the Temple, which give access to the Questing and warrior upgrade features, will remain locked for email users.

New users can connect their Aradena accounts with a web3 wallet holding an Aradena NFT at any stage in the future to get access to all of the Aradena game features. The new email login flow is the first step in making the Aradena: Battlegrounds onboarding process easier for new users.

Map expansion

The world of Aradena continues to expand! The dev team has added the Library as a new location on the 3D world map.

Aradena 3D World Map

The Aradena Library is where you can read our lore, flick through our comic books and learn about the NFT properties that make up our collection of Warriors.

In the Library, you will find four lore stories that divulge some of the histories of our kingdom, including short stories about the royal family and the merchant navy. Our creative team will be continually updating the history shelves of our library, so make sure you check back for new entries.

Aradena Library: History

Aradena comics are now available to read for anyone that has signed up for an Aradena account. This will allow more readers to fall in love with the storylines within our game, whilst also driving more traffic to the listing pages.

Aradena Library: Comics

The properties tab on the library page is a catalogue of all of the NFT properties that make up our warrior collections. You can search for specific items or use the filters to explore certain types of properties and spend hours getting to know the impact of how each property affects a warrior’s overall stats. This is an ideal tool for the savvy collector looking to build a powerful army.

Aradena Library: NFT Property Explorer

Finally, you will see a ‘Units’ tab. This is a placeholder at the moment but it’s where you will go to find out more about the Unit NFTs upon launch.

Leaderboards and analytics

While there has been some healthy competition in the Discord server around who is levelling up the fastest and who has been lucky enough to stack a heap of Silver Coins from Questing, we wanted to ramp up the competition with an official leaderboard.

Aradena Silver Coins Leaderboard

The leaderboard page will rank the top players and warriors based on metrics such as the number of warriors owned, total silver earned from questing, and the highest skill tree progression.

The analytics page will include detailed information about Aradena NFT, Questing and Warrior Upgrade data. You will find information on:

  • Player stats like the number of active players and average warriors per holder
  • NFT stats such as the floor price and all-time volume
  • Questing & rewards stats including info on the number of quests and total Silver Coin rewards
  • Skills stats show you the warrior level distribution across the Strategy, Survival & Leaderships skill trees
  • Title stats show you the warrior title distribution across the Strategy, Survival & Leaderships skill trees
Aradena Questing Analytics

Bug fixes

Finally, we have addressed several minor bugs across our site. One of the smaller updates included a fix on some of the quests paying out double rewards, whilst touching up the layout and icons on the questing rewards summary pages. We also fixed some small issues with the filtering system within the Tavern. These are just two examples of quick fixes that were pushed live with this update to improve the user experience across the World of Aradena.

Thank you to everyone that wrote to us in our Discord feedback channel about minor bugs and errors across our site.

Please make sure to join our Discord and let us know what you think about the new features within the World of Aradena!

Aradena: Battlegrounds UI Mock Up

Aradena: Battlegrounds

Building the next generation of trading card gaming. Battle in immersive gameplay, trade with other players and compete for rewards. Start playing today!



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Building the next generation of trading card gaming. Battle in immersive gameplay, trade with other players, and compete for rewards. Start playing today!