Aradena IDO Ecosystem Update 20/04

4 min readApr 22, 2022


This document provides an update on Aradena’s ecosystem proposal prior to the IDO of Aradenean Gold (AG).

The primary change is that players will not need to bridge their warrior NFTs across from Ethereum to Polygon in order to play. Players will instead only need to stake their warriors on Ethereum, and whilst they are staked then their warrior has access to all in game features.

Aradenean Gold (AG) and new NFT game items will still be on the Polygon chain in order to minimize transaction fees for game rewards and in-game actions.

Game features will predominantly be developed off-chain to ensure a more secure, scalable and cost-effective experience for all players, whilst allowing player ownership on-chain, the core of web3 gaming.

Warrior NFTs


  • Warrior NFTs will now need to be staked on the Ethereum chain in order to have access to game features such as questing and skills.
  • A player cannot sell or list their warrior whilst it is staked.
  • A player may unstake their warrior at any time.
  • Any current quests or other in-game features they are engaged with will be canceled when unstaked
  • A player will pay the transaction gas cost of staking/unstaking their warriors.
  • A player only needs to stake their warrior once and they can go on continuous quests and engage in other game features with that warrior until they decide to unstake it.

Player Benefits:

  • Far more convenient and simpler user experience by keeping warriors on ETH — allowing new players to onboard easier
  • Increased liquidity and trading volume through having warriors as also tradeable on 3rd party marketplaces with ETH
  • Easier to onboard new players and unique holders
  • Bridging warriors across to Polygon would cost the same amount as staking on ETH — if not a little more and is a more confusing experience

Aradenean Gold


  • AG will be on the polygon chain
  • AG can be bought and traded on DEXs and CEXs
  • Players will pay polygon transaction fees (matic) when claiming AG rewards and when spending AG on in-game features
  • USDC and Matic liquidity pools will be created to allow players to easily trade for Matic to pay for polygon transaction fees and to USDC for taking profits

Player Benefits:

  • Keeps transaction fees lower for game rewards and in-game actions
  • Polygon is EVM compatible so we can bridge it across to Ethereum or another Layer 2 solution if required at a later date

NFT Game Items


  • New game items that are unique to questing will be NFT assets that allow players to engage in other game actions (e.g. upgrading a warrior in the skill tree)
  • New NFT game items will be created on Polygon
  • Players will pay for the minting transaction fee when claiming them as a reward
  • The NFT will be burnt when used as a payment for a game feature (e.g. a skill tree upgrade)
  • Items will be tradeable on 3rd party marketplaces with AG, Matic or Polygon-Eth

Player Benefits:

  • NFT game items will need to be minted and spent frequently unlike Warrior NFTs, so using Polygon keeps transaction fees far lower

Game features


  • Aradena game features will mostly be built off-chain
  • Upon IDO, initial game features will be questing and warrior skill trees
  • AG payments for features like skill tree upgrades will predominantly feed back into the game rewards pool, with a small fee to the treasury to support project development and expansion

Player Benefits

  • Building features predominantly off-chain will provide more security, scalability and cheaper fees for users — whilst allowing player ownership on-chain
  • Releasing skill trees in sync with the IDO will create immediate utility for the token



  • The community and game rewards pool within the tokenomics of AG will be used to reward players performing quests with tokens
  • Players will receive their AG rewards straight to their wallets
  • Players will pay the TX fee for claiming rewards

Player Benefits

  • Players will be able to earn AG rewards whilst Battlegrounds is in development to earn real world value and build their level of governance within Aradena



  • AG will be listed on DEXs immediately, and CEXs shortly thereafter
  • Liquidity providers will ensure there is always enough liquidity to trade the token

Player Benefits

  • DEXs and CEXs will make AG easily available for trading

Thanks for reading, as always, please head over to our Discord to provide your feedback on these ideas.



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Aradena is a medieval fantasy gaming brand created by Litoja Labs. Aradena: Battlegrounds is a tactical TCG where collectable cards come to life.