Aradena: Introduction

Aradena: Battlegrounds Trading Card Game


We started off as a group of three gamers and best friends who believed that blockchain gaming could be far greater than it is. Our vision is a world where blockchain games should be as fun to play as traditional gaming titles.

The Journey So Far:

Aradena is a long-term project built for and with its community of warriors. In sync with our community-driven ethos, our first objective before beginning development was to build our community of friends and early investors.

An Exciting Future:

We are currently developing Aradena: Battlegrounds, an immersive, turn-based strategy TCG whereby players build and train their army of NFTs and battle other players in complex, strategic gameplay. Players are rewarded with loot chests which contain variable rewards based on their performance in battle, including tokens and NFT collectables which can be traded in our in-house marketplace, or added to a player’s army within the barracks.

Summary and Links:

As a team of gamers ourselves, we understand what makes great games. We all agreed that a great game is fun, rewarding and compelling. To achieve this, we have taken our time to develop a top-tier gaming experience and a sustainable in-game economy. Building these concepts into a gaming experience that will hook both traditional gamers and those seeking to earn from competitive matches, we are confident that Aradena will become the go-to trading card game. And pave the way to becoming the long-term market leader in the next generation of blockchain gaming.



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Building the next generation of trading card gaming. Battle in immersive gameplay, trade with other players, and compete for rewards. Start playing today!