Aradena: Introduction

Welcome to Aradena, the home of the medieval metaverse.


We started off as a group of three gamers and best friends who believed that blockchain gaming could be far greater than it is. Our vision is a world where blockchain games should be as fun to play as traditional gaming titles.

So, with that in mind, we set about building our mission to combine complex strategy gaming, with play-to-earn mechanics, within our favourite medieval fantasy genre!

The Journey So Far:

Aradena is a long-term project built for and with its community of warriors. In sync with our community-driven ethos, our first objective before beginning development was to build our community of friends and early investors.

On the 10th of August 2021, just 3 weeks after opening our Discord’s gates, our genesis collection of 8000 Warriors of Aradena NFTs sold out in just 13 minutes, one of the fastest generative avatars NFT sell-outs in history. Since then, a free claim period of Women of Aradena NFTs has released another set of genesis warriors.

Aradena has been a project incubated by Seedify Fund since August, giving us industry-leading support and networks in game development, blockchain development, marketing & PR, and much more.

Since launch, we have reinvested every penny of our initial sales into building the business, making many key and experienced hires, outlining the game design and planning out a next-generation ecosystem, beginning development, and partnering with industry-leading VCs, with one of the biggest VCs in blockchain gaming leading our pre-seed round. More updates to follow on this.

An Exciting Future:

We are currently developing Aradena: Battlegrounds, an immersive, turn-based strategy game whereby players build and train their army of NFTs and battle other players in complex, strategic gameplay. Players are rewarded with loot chests which contain variable rewards based on their performance in battle, including tokens and NFT collectibles which can be traded in our in-house marketplace, or added to a player’s army within the barracks.

Aradena is evolving from previous P2E games like Axie Infinity by creating a more sustainable ecosystem which includes a dual-token system, an advanced recruitment (breeding) system that adapts to the number of new players looking to join, and an in-game mercenary (scholarship) system that will make the loaning process more convenient for lenders, and more regulated for new players looking to loan NFTs to play.

The battle system of Battlegrounds will integrate within a land-based strategy game to be released later down the line, including an extensive virtual economy and guild-based diplomacy system. More extensive details about this will be announced soon.

Our governance token — Aradenean Gold — will IDO on Seedify’s launchpad later this year. To gain whitelist access to our tokens upon launch, please find the details about our gas-free staking system in our discord.

Summary and Links:

Overall, Aradena is a community-based project, focused on creating a complex, strategic, and fun P2E game with a sustainable ecosystem and virtual economy. And we are here for the long term, with a lot more planned in the development pipeline, so stay tuned!

We want to leave you with this comment from a member of our community in our Discord. Once Aradena opens its gates, there shall be no looking back.

Please note: At least one warrior is required to play Aradena: Battlegrounds — you can find both genesis collections in the links below.

Genesis Collection (Men):

Genesis Collection (Women):






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