Aradena Partners with The Kingdom

Aradena has partnered with The Kingdom to create an alliance between two next generation gaming communities in order to promote a more streamlined onboarding process, whilst boosting Aradena’s visibility and player base.

2 min readOct 16, 2022

We are pleased to announce that Aradena has entered into a strategic partnership with the innovative gaming organisation, The Kingdom — an inspiring enterprise aimed at the realisation of positive player engagement and the widespread adoption of Web3 gaming.

The Kingdom not only shares our player-focused ethos, but also believes in the future of gaming being an integration of Web2 and Web3 gaming.

About The Kingdom

The Kingdom is a group of passionate and dedicated gamers who are pioneering the next generation of Web3 gaming.

Their goal is to streamline and accelerate Web3 onboarding for Web2 gamers, whilst taking an innovative approach to community engagement and social interaction.

The Kingdom holds their partnerships in high-esteem, and as a community of gamers themselves, they have intrinsic knowledge about games — what makes a good game, and what makes a great game. This partnership will not only give access to a passionate player base, but will also allow Aradena to learn from the community and implement favoured features and quality-of-life improvements.

What this means for Aradena

Our partnership with The Kingdom will promote fluid communication with our players and boost our community engagement, allowing us to refine Aradena’s gameplay and construct the best player experience possible — built by gamers, for gamers.

Here’s how The Kingdom partnership will enhance Aradena:

  • The Kingdom will encourage a large base of passionate and dedicated Web3 and Web2 gamers, ready to engage in everything Aradena has to offer
  • The Kingdom is building fully-formed digital infrastructure, in order help to onboard Web2 gamers and make navigating the Web3 gaming space more efficient and removing barriers to entry; meaning even the most traditional gamers will find it easy to experience the exciting world of Aradena
  • Aradena will also benefit from The Kingdom’s intricate knowledge of game design and community building, allowing Aradena to constantly grow alongside its player base
  • This partnership will also see The Kingdom providing detailed advisory services, concerning tokenomics and the organisation of fun and compelling tournament


We are very pleased to announce this exciting partnership with The Kingdom. It has always been our prerogative to listen and learn from our community, and The Kingdom will allow us to fully realise this goal.




Aradena is a medieval fantasy gaming brand created by Litoja Labs. Aradena: Battlegrounds is a tactical TCG where collectable cards come to life.