Aradena Partners with The Kingdom

Aradena has partnered with The Kingdom to create an alliance between two next generation gaming communities in order to promote a more streamlined onboarding process, whilst boosting Aradena’s visibility and player base.

About The Kingdom

What this means for Aradena

Here’s how The Kingdom partnership will enhance Aradena:

  • The Kingdom will encourage a large base of passionate and dedicated Web3 and Web2 gamers, ready to engage in everything Aradena has to offer
  • The Kingdom is building fully-formed digital infrastructure, in order help to onboard Web2 gamers and make navigating the Web3 gaming space more efficient and removing barriers to entry; meaning even the most traditional gamers will find it easy to experience the exciting world of Aradena
  • Aradena will also benefit from The Kingdom’s intricate knowledge of game design and community building, allowing Aradena to constantly grow alongside its player base
  • This partnership will also see The Kingdom providing detailed advisory services, concerning tokenomics and the organisation of fun and compelling tournament




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