Aradena Stage 2 Questing

Aradena Stage 2 Questing

Aradena’s Stage 2 Questing is a lore-driven questing and skills system that launched on the 27th of July. It offers Aradena NFT holders the opportunity to earn exciting rewards and gain early access to new features that unlock more value from their NFTs.

In Stage 2 Questing, you can:

Join the Kingdom

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We have weekly giveaways, an alpha group with exclusive whitelist opportunities and a feedback channel where you can directly contribute to the development of our play-to-earn game.

Army Building

Aradena Army Packs

In Aradena: Battlegrounds, a commanding warrior needs an army to join them on the battlefield. Armies contain a combination of units and stratagem cards. Units make up the main bulk of a player’s army and are made up of 5 classes. These classes are Infantry, Cavalry, Warmachines, Giants and Warriors. Every player will receive free units and stratagems for their starting army.

Shortly after Stage 2 launch (Q3), Army Packs will be added as potential Quest rewards, given to warriors who have successfully completed quests. Unit Packs will be a rare and exclusive reward; a stroke of luck will be needed to land them.

Players that do earn Army Packs via Aradena Questing will gain unique units that can later be used in Aradena: Battlegrounds. The unique units will give these players an opportunity to start building their army before the launch of Battlegrounds; giving them a distinct advantage over players with just their common starting armies.

New Rewards

Successful quests will pay out new rewards such as:

  • Our in-game currency — Silver Coins
  • In-game Commodities (beast blood, potions & wine)
  • Experience points (XP)

In the future, Army Packs that can be used in Battlegrounds will also be rewarded via the Questing system. Army Pack rewards will be rare and exclusive.

XP is required to level up your warriors and to progress through the skill trees.

Silver Coins and in-game Commodities are required to purchase a new title on the Skill Trees, which provide significant boosts to a warrior, enhancing performance in Questing, and later, in Battlegrounds.

Skill Tree Progression

Experience points (XP) are earned by warriors for completing quests. They automatically progress the warrior to the next skill level, and each level requires exponentially more XP to reach.

Players can purchase Skill Titles from each new skill level that is unlocked on the Skill Trees by spending their rewards earned from Questing. Each acquired title provides a new boost that stacks on top of all other boosts from previously acquired titles.

Earning XP and purchasing new Skill Titles will increase the NFT’s earning potential and will be recorded in the NFT’s metadata. This will naturally increase the long-term value of the asset, providing Aradena NFT holders with a great opportunity to unlock more value throughout Aradena Stage 2 Questing.

In the Skill Trees, players will be able to make choices to take the warrior down different paths, containing different titles and boosts. Players can optimize their warrior’s Skill Titles to unlock boosts that fit their overall Questing & Battlegrounds strategy.

Aradena Skill Tree Routes

There are 3 paths, with 3 different boosts:

  • The left path will increase Silver Coin rewards
  • The middle path will increase XP and Commodities rewards
  • The right path will decrease the time required to complete quests

How Can You Get Involved?

Aradena Questing is available to holders of Aradena Warrior NFTs. So, if you don’t own an Aradena NFT yet, head to OpenSea and purchase an NFT from either the Warriors of Aradena or the Women of Aradena collection.

Aradena NFT holders looking to send their warriors on quests to start earning the new rewards will need to:

  1. Head to our website
  2. Login with Metamask
  3. Hit ‘Start playing’ to head to the interactive 3D map
  4. Click on the notice board location to launch Questing
  5. Send your warriors on Quests

Then, once you start accumulating rewards, you can start planning on how you will spend those rewards and how to progress your warriors through the new Skill Trees.

Summary and Links:

Whilst Aradena: Battlegrounds is in development, Aradena Questing Stage 2 offers early adopters the opportunity to earn rewards, and begin upgrading their army to get ahead of the competition before Battlegrounds is released.

Make sure you head to one of our community channels and let us know what you think of Aradena Questing Stage 2. We always want to hear your feedback!


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