Aradena Stage 2 Questing

Aradena Stage 2 Questing

Join the Kingdom

Army Building

Aradena Army Packs

New Rewards

  • Our in-game currency — Silver Coins
  • In-game Commodities (beast blood, potions & wine)
  • Experience points (XP)

Skill Tree Progression

Aradena Skill Tree Routes
  • The left path will increase Silver Coin rewards
  • The middle path will increase XP and Commodities rewards
  • The right path will decrease the time required to complete quests

How Can You Get Involved?

  1. Head to our website
  2. Login with Metamask
  3. Hit ‘Start playing’ to head to the interactive 3D map
  4. Click on the notice board location to launch Questing
  5. Send your warriors on Quests

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