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In the past month, we have been ideating in response to a lot of community feedback around the desire for faster & leaner product development cycles, and more incentive to hold from the early stages of the project whilst Battlegrounds is in development.

We are now excited to reveal our plans for a gamified questing system. Quests will be a system of interactive stories which gamify the staking system. At first, MVP (minimum viable product) quests will be very simple, with the user simply sending their Warriors on quests (e.g. Beast Hunting) surrounded by lore and game narrative, at which point they will be staked, then they return with rewards. However, over time we aim to create a more gamified staking system whereby players can interact with the quest to affect the outcome, use their understanding of Aradena to explore the game narrative, and collect unique NFT items to unlock new and more rewarding quests, and improve rewards from other quests.


  • Utility for warriors and earning opportunities for early holders
  • Ability for early adopters to begin building up their share of governance before full Battlegrounds game release and wider adoption
  • Simultaneous release of other features, such as the Training Grounds, which will create utility for the AG token and also allow early adopters to begin improving and increasing the value of their warriors!
  • Fun gamification for players and a big focus on developing the narrative and storyline of Aradena
  • A leaner development process which allows us to test the tokenomics and collect data to improve our ecosystems sustainability long-term before mass adoption
  • Constant improvement of the questing system creating more utility for the token
  • Constant release of new features creating more utility for the token

MVP User Flow

  1. Enter the website landing page
  2. Click the ‘Enter the Kingdom’ button
  3. Log in to the application via wallet
  4. Player enters the world map UI
  5. Select a quest either directly on its location on the map, or via the quest noticeboard
  6. Show the quest screen, artwork and narrative
  7. Choose available warrior(s) to carry out the quest
  8. Confirm the process
  9. Prompt to send another warrior(s) on the quest
  10. Warrior(s) unavailable whilst on the quest
  11. Player returns to the world map
  12. Await the end of the quest
  13. Player receives a notification of quest completion
  14. Player views the successful artwork, narrative, and their rewards
  15. Prompt to send another warrior on a quest
MVP initiation user flow
MVP completion user flow

Quests Roadmap

Off-chain MVP questing:

  • Simple narrative storylines
  • No items or consumables
  • No experience points or leveling up
  • All quests are the same difficulty
  • Time required for the quest to be complete, in which time the warrior cannot perform any other quests
  • If a warrior is transferred accounts then quest is auto canceled
  • Overall stats, class of warriors and properties affect how many reward points for quest completion
  • Rewards = reward points for IDO whitelist allocation

On-chain phase two questing:

  • More developed narrative storylines
  • Allows NFT items and consumables to be taken on quests
  • Experience points and leveling up of warriors from quests to be used for training system
  • Quests will have varying levels of difficulty
  • Time required for the quest to be complete, in which time the warrior will be locked in a staking contract and cannot perform any other blockchain activities or game activities (including selling the NFT)
  • Overall stats, class of warriors and properties, the use of item, and the quest itself all affect the variable rewards given for quest completion
  • Rewards = AG, AS and other NFTs that are minted on Polygon and given to the player (e.g. unique items allowing access to better and more rewarding quests)

Advanced questing:

  • Plans in progress, including more gamification and ability for players to make decisions which affect the outcome of the quest and the rewards received, and social play with allies.
  • Integration of community ideas and feedback

General Dynamics:

Quest Difficulty and Duration

In MVP questing, all quests will last the same duration and will have the same difficulty. In phase two and beyond, quests will vary in length and vary in difficulty, impacting the potential rewards. This will be clearly outlined to the player when accepting a quest. Some higher difficulty quests will also require higher level warriors in order to partake, higher levels are achieved by gaining experience through quests and other game actions.

Warrior Performance

Three factors will affect a warriors performance in quests and the rewards gained: Overall stat ranking, overall class, and individual properties. Higher stats and higher classes always affect quests positively, but properties will uniquely affect the performance of certain quests either positively or negatively (e.g. beast hunter eyes will get a boost on beast hunter quests). This all allows for a far more complex system, and rewards the holding of different warriors.


In MVP questing, rewards are impacted by the warrior performing the quest. In phase two and beyond, rewards are impacted by the warrior performing the quest, the use of items, and the quest itself. Further developments will allow players to make their own decisions in the quest to impact rewards. These rewards will initially be Reward Points that can be spent on AG IDO whitelist allocation. After the IDO then players will receive AG as rewards along with other NFT items.

MVP Features:

Constant Quests

There will be three constant quest locations that are always available to the player. Different quest stories will be available from these locations.

These constant quest locations will be:

  • Beast Hunters
  • Merchant Navy
  • Towns Guard

Quest Noticeboard

There will be a location in the city on the world map that allows you to conveniently view all currently available quests and send your warriors on quests from that location. This allows players to easily dispatch multiple warriors on separate quests from one location.

Batch questing

Players will have the option to send batches of warriors on the same quest. This is to make it easier for players with large warrior collections, each warrior will still perform its own quest and receive its own reward. There will be no group effect for batch questing.

Quests Noticeboard Concept Art

Phase Two Features:

Unique Quests

Phase two will introduce new, unique quests that appear around the map and only last for a limited period. They will have unique storylines and rewards. Some of these quests will follow a continuous narrative following and preceding other quests, and some will be stand alone events. Unique quests will be depicted on the map by a “!” quest marker.

Items and Consumables

Players will acquire items and consumables. These will be NFTs that can be required to unlock certain new quests as you progress through the storyline, or also can be given to warriors to take on quests to affect the outcome of the quest.

Warrior Experience

Warriors will gain experience for performing quests which will allow them to level up and perform training at the training camps. It will also allow them to partake in higher difficulty quests.

Thanks for reading everyone, as ever please head over to our Discord to give us your feedback and thoughts.


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