Aradena Partners With Polygon Studios

Aradena will use the Polygon network for blockchain functionality and work closely with the team to create an efficient, cost-effective and fast gaming ecosystem.

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The Aradena team is very pleased to announce that we are the proud recipient of a grant from Polygon. Polygon grants are awarded to exciting, visionary and promising projects within the Polygon ecosystem.

Polygon is a layer 2 scaling solution for the Ethereum network and was previously known as the Matic network. It’s an open-sourced, decentralised protocol and framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. It’s often referred to as “Ethereum’s internet of blockchains”.

Polygon has been designed to improve the Ethereum network’s transaction speed and reduce transaction costs. Furthermore, it’s a platform where developers can launch their own sovereign blockchains and Dapps that are compatible with the Ethereum network.

The grant creates a fantastic opportunity for Aradena to accelerate the development of Aradena: Battlegrounds and to work closely with the experienced Polygon Studios team. We truly believe that Polygon will be the home to GameFi and expect Aradena to benefit greatly from the advantages of the Polygon network.

What this means for Aradena

The Polygon grant adds another layer of funding but more importantly forms a strategic partnership between Aradena and Polygon Studios. The Polygon team has the potential to enhance the Aradena game and project ecosystem through their wealth of experience.

Here’s how the Polygon Studios partnership will enhance the Aradena project:

  • Polygon provides a secure, high-throughput and low-cost environment for Dapps. This allows us to develop Aradena: Battlefields, and future expansions of the game, without having to worry about network congestion or high gas fees.
  • Polygon shares our vision of decentralisation and supports our mission of creating a fair gaming ecosystem where everyone has the opportunity to generate income and value from their Aradena NFTs. In our opinion, the Polygon network is the best place to develop a fair and equal game economy.
  • Polygon is likely to become the home of GameFi and the preferred scaling solution for most Ethereum-based projects. It’s already the preferred scaling solution for many leading projects such as Decentraland, The Sandbox, and Decentral Games. Developing our ecosystem on the blockchain that most Ethereum-based projects will use expands Aradena’s interoperability by making it easier for the Aradena metaverse to connect, share and communicate with other projects and blockchains.
  • We will be building a magical in-game Polygon portal that our NFTs holders can use to bridge their NFTs over to the Polygon chain so they are ready to interact with our gaming ecosystem. This Polygon portal will be located with our interactive 3D map which can be accessed via our web application upon launch.

Summary and Links:

We are extremely grateful to Polygon Studios for contributing to the funding of this project and can’t wait to use their technology for blockchain functionality within the Aradena ecosystem. This partnership takes us another step closer to achieving our goal of creating a leading play to earn game for our community.

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