Aradena Tavern 2.0 — The Social Fabric of the Aradena Metaverse

The dev team at Aradena has worked hard to iterate and improve The Tavern over the last couple of months. The new features give our community a place within the Kingdom that offers more convenience and utility than can be found on third-party sites like OpenSea or Rarity Tools!

The V2 upgrades now make the Tavern the best place to explore Aradena’s two genesis NFT collections and will be developed further to become our very own custom in-house marketplace for buying Aradena NFTs using Aradenean Gold (AG).

This article will focus on outlining the V2 upgrades and will take a quick look at what the future of the tavern holds for the Aradena community.

Key Features of the Tavern V2

Official rarity rankings

The inaccuracies of third-party rarity ranking systems are now a thing of the past for the Aradena community. You can now login to the tavern and look at the most accurate data for rarity rankings across both the male and female warrior collections. Each and every warrior is ranked so you can find information on your personal Aradena collection and look into the rarity stats behind warriors on your to-buy list.

Overall rankings

The rarity of assets is only one way to understand the value of Aradena NFTs. Each warrior NFT has its base stats which include attack, defence, magic, agility and intelligence. These stats make up the foundations of the in-game algorithms and battle calculations. Therefore, their effect on gameplay makes them worthy of interrogation. You can now look into the overall & individual stats for every warrior across both collections. This is the perfect tool for collectors looking to optimize their Aradena portfolio for gameplay.

Advanced filtering features

The Tavern 2.0 upgrade includes convenient filters and sorting features so that you can pull up only the most relevant warriors. You can also apply multiple filters so you can narrow down the search results even further for those of you who know exactly what you’re looking for. Here’s a list of some of the filter and sorting features you can apply to make your time spent perusing the Aradena collection more efficient:

  • Filter by individual assets from each of the five asset classes (armour, background, class, headwear, mouth & weapon)
  • Sort all warriors by stat rating from highest to lowest (attack, defence, magic, agility & intelligence)
  • Filter by a combination of rarities and stats
  • Search by warrior name or number

Improved profile features

The Tavern is the social hub of our medieval metaverse so we’ve upgraded the profile features to give users a space to express their Aradenean alter egos. You will need to create a Tavern profile that includes a username, email (optional), warrior avatar and a personal bio. Your avatar is one of your warrior NFTs, pick your favourite or change it every week, it’s up to you!

You can also create a warrior profile that includes the name of your warrior as well as their very own, official backstory. We can’t wait to see the Aradenean spirit oozing out of the new personalised lore!

Diplomacy settings

The new diplomacy settings give you the opportunity to pledge your allegiances & find your foes. You have the option to label any member of the Aradena community as an ally, enemy or neutral. Right now, this is just for fun. However, the diplomacy settings will later tie into our guild system so be careful not to make an enemy with someone you may later rely on in battle.

The Future of the Tavern

That sums up some of the main features that are included in the latest Tavern update, as well as a huge UI overhaul. Of course, the Tavern will continue to expand with the project. This will include many smaller changes, but these are the main two functions of the Tavern that you can expect to see in future iterations of the Tavern.

Aradena marketplace integration — Make offers on warriors directly from the Tavern, see Aradena’s transaction history, sell your warriors and much more. The benefits of having our own marketplace are:

  1. It gets rid of third-party marketplace commissions
  2. It reduces gas fees because we will be on a layer 2 scaling solution

Please note that you can already see Aradena’s transaction history in Tavern 2.0 by clicking the wallet connection button in the top right corner of your screen after logging in via Metamask. This feature will be added to our full marketplace later on.

Game integration — Challenge fellow warriors, ally or enemy, to unranked matches. This will mean that you can upskill with your allies and gain bragging rights over your foes. There will also be integrations to Aradena’s future diplomacy based guild system.

Summary and links

All of the key features of Tavern V2 are now live. To access the Tavern head to our website, log in via your Metamask, create your profile and get testing all the new features. We would love to hear what you think of the new Tavern and any ideas you might have for future iterations. The best place to submit your feedback is our Discord server in the #feedback-ideas channel.

Genesis Collection (Men):

Genesis Collection (Women):







News & info from Aradena - an NFT gaming company focused on fun & strategic P2E gaming within our medieval fantasy metaverse

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News & info from Aradena - an NFT gaming company focused on fun & strategic P2E gaming within our medieval fantasy metaverse

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