Aradena X Atesis Capital Strategic Partnership

Atesis Capital is a seed investor to the Aradena project and will support the team by connecting them to their network of leading NFT KOLs, by creating unique content shared with NFT communities, and with introductions to tier 1 VCs, investors & gaming guilds.

3 min readMar 11, 2022

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About Atesis Capital

Atesis Capital has emerged as the investment arm of Atesis, a successful Australian technology services company delivering business outcomes to large enterprises across the private and public sectors. Partnering with senior executives and CEOs of established start-ups, they aim to fund and provide strategic guidance to blockchain start-ups.

The Atesis team bring a wealth of industry expertise, having worked for recognised brands such as IBM, AWS, Accenture & JP Morgan. This experience means that they can provide coverage across all areas of technology, business advisory, marketing and strategy within the blockchain industry.

Atesis Capital has a growing portfolio of play-to-earn games including Age of Tanks, Kitsumon and League of Ancients. Aradena is now proud to join the Atesis portfolio after they invested in the seed round of the Aradena private token sale.

How will Atesis Capital support Aradena?

One thing is clear when speaking with the Atesis Capital founders, they are passionate about the NFT & GameFi industry. They are a well-connected firm who have great knowledge about what works and what doesn’t work within the NFT space from years of experience and countless time spent interacting with projects and their communities.

The Aradena partnership philosophy is to work with people that can bring value to Aradena and find people that genuinely care about the GameFi industry. We feel that Atesis Capital tick both of those boxes and will be able to support the project in several key areas.

Here’s how Atesis Capital will help the Aradena project:

  • Atesis Capital is connected with a range of key opinion leaders across the NFT space and will be connecting the Aradena team to their network of influencers as and when required. Their network also stretches throughout some of the leading NFT projects and NFT games in the industry which will lead to some exciting partnerships for Aradena in the future.
  • Atesis Capital support all of their partners by creating unique content that breaks down and analyzes the key points of a project in an entertaining format. This is then shared with NFT communities to help gain exposure for the project. Keep your eyes peeled for their piece on Aradena!
  • Atesis Capital will also support the Aradena project by introducing us to relevant tier-1 VCs, investors and gaming guilds. This will help us continue our fundraising efforts and expose our project to leading play-to-earn gaming communities.

Summary and Links:

We are looking forward to what the future holds for our relationship with Atesis Capital and can’t wait to unlock some of the value that the team has to offer. Atesis Capital with its great industry network and connections will be able to help the Aradena team to gain exposure in the right places.


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Aradena is a medieval fantasy gaming brand created by Litoja Labs. Aradena: Battlegrounds is a tactical TCG where collectable cards come to life.