Aradena x Avocado Guild Strategic Partnership

Avocado Guild invested in the seed round of Aradena’s private token sale and will help the team with onboarding play-to-earn gamers, introductions to world-class partners, game economy advice and stress testing our game.

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We have weekly giveaways, an alpha group with exclusive whitelist opportunities and a feedback channel where you can directly contribute to the development of our play-to-earn game.

Avocado Guild is a play-to-earn guild that aims to unlock life-changing opportunities and rewarding experiences for its community members. AG’s mission is to unlock the hidden talents of their guild members by empowering them with the education, encouragement, and digital instruments they need to achieve their full potential in the Metaverse.

Avocado Guild was born in June 2021 to provide communities with the playable assets required to find better and more enjoyable sources of income. A core team of professionals came together with the initial objective to provide NFT lending services to the guild members. The team behind Avocado laid out a clear roadmap, leveraged their skills, and initially self-funding the project, funnelled their capital to scale the project.

In October, less than four months after inception, Avocado completed a Series A funding round, successfully raising $18 million. The raise brought on board some of the leading names in the industry, such as tier 1 investors Animoca Brands, as well as Three Arrows Capital, BSC’s $1 billion growth fund, Hashed and Solana, to name just a few.

Avocado Guild closed the year of 2021 as the fastest-growing guild (with over 10,000 members by December) and they also successfully launched their governance token $AVG. This progress marked the beginning of a new era for Avocado as it transitioned into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), giving the project a broader scope. The team see themselves as the builders and supporters of GameFi as the world shifts towards web3. As Avocado Guild enters 2022, the roadmap for the year ahead is clear. With the vision coming to life, Avocado continues to stay true to its ultimate mission, supporting communities in the real world through blockchain gaming.

The Avocado Guild team is made up of passionate gamers who love getting their hands dirty with their partners in terms of helping with tokenomics, game design & game testing. They also genuinely care about helping their scholars get the most out of the games they play and will do a great job at onboarding their players into Aradena: Battlegrounds.

Here’s how Avocado Guild will support the Aradena project:

  • Avocado Guild has more than 10,000 scholars in their play-to-earn gaming guild, a number that will continue to grow throughout 2022. They will be keeping their players up to date with the latest developments of Aradena: Battlegrounds as well as coaching them on the best strategies and tactics for optimal performance.
  • Avocado Guild will be working with the Aradena team on joint marketing activities to help expose Aradena to their audience as well as the wider NFT gaming community. Keep your eyes peeled for exciting AMAs, game testing events and giveaways on our channels.
  • The team at Avocado Guild always get to know the games they partner with and open up to their scholars. The team will be involved in all of the early testing events throughout our development process, providing invaluable feedback from their past experience with the world’s leading play-to-earn games. We will also be sharing our game economy ideas to get their input to strengthen our gaming economy and to ensure it has longevity.
  • Avocado Guild is also very well connected in the web3 space and will help Aradena with introductions to the top VCs, projects and KOLs to help us complete our fundraising efforts and expand our audience.

We are thrilled that Avocado Guild participated in our seed token sale and want to help us on our mission to create a next-generation blockchain game that transforms play-to-earn to play-and-earn. Our missions align perfectly as we both want to create life-changing and rewarding experiences through play-to-earn gaming for players all around the world. We’re looking forward to what the future holds for Aradena and Avocado Guild!


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