Aradena x Double Peak Group Strategic Partnership

Double Peak is a seed investor to the Aradena project and will advise the team on tokenomics and blockchain infrastructure, whilst leveraging their close relationships within the Asia crypto industry.

3 min readMar 3, 2022


About Double Peak Group

Double Peak Group is a family office focused on investments in the digital asset and blockchain space.

As one of the first family offices based out of Asia focusing on digital assets, they have been deeply entrenched in the crypto markets since 2017. Double Peak adopts a philosophy of value investing and making key investments with a long time horizon in early-stage funding rounds and secondary markets. The ultimate vision is to bridge cutting-edge decentralized technologies between China and international markets.

The team consists of talented people with institutional backgrounds. Namely, investment banking, private equity, venture capital and entrepreneurship. They have been involved in the blockchain space from early 2016 as both investors and advisors and can leverage close relationships with other participants in the Asian ecosystem.

Double Peak has invested in a multitude of areas including Asset Management, Banking & Payments, Cross-Chain Platforms, CeFi-DeFi Bridges, Infrastructure Protocols, Investment Funds, Gaming/NFTs, Privacy/Security, The Metaverse, Trading and Exchanges.

How will Double Peak Group support Aradena?

Double Peak has been another early supporter of the Aradena project, providing help and support whenever we’ve needed it. They supported our vision and had faith that our team could contribute to the next generation of play-to-earn gaming with a truly immersive, complex and fun-to-play strategy game.

Here’s how Double Peak has helped and will continue to help the Aradena project:

  • Double Peak has been a go-to resource for the Aradena team whenever we have needed help with designing and implementing one of our many blockchain-based products for our community. For example, their blockchain infrastructure expertise has helped us to create & design our off-chain rewards system and gamified staking system. Double Peak will continue advising on Aradena’s blockchain technology developments as our project continues to grow.
  • Double Peak has also played a role in shaping our tokenomics. Together, along with other partners, we have built upon successful tokenomics structures, tailoring and improving them to suit our project. They also played a vital role in helping us create vesting schedules that are fair to our community of investors whilst being attractive for larger VCs & investors.
  • Double Peak is also very well-connected across the Web3 industry, particularly across the region of Asia. They have and will continue to make introductions to some of the world’s leading VCs, blockchain technology companies, and GameFi projects & incubators.

Summary and Links:

We are very excited to continue working with Double Peak and to develop our relationship as Aradena continues to build and grow. Double Peak has already been a great help in getting the project to where it is today but we know there is lots more value to unlock from this relationship going forward.

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Aradena is a medieval fantasy gaming brand created by Litoja Labs. Aradena: Battlegrounds is a tactical TCG where collectable cards come to life.