Aradena x Good Games Guild Strategic Partnership

Good Games Guild invested in the private round of our fundraise and will support the team with onboarding play-to-earn gamers, game economy advice and brand exposure.

4 min readMar 9, 2022


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About Good Games Guild

Good Games Guild is a Gaming Hub that aims to create the largest virtual world economy by sponsoring millions of play-to-earn gamers, investing in play-to-earn games along with their in-game assets, and building tools that will enhance the future of gaming and meta-verse.

Good Games Guild carry a mission to be a hub for every GameFi related activity. A platform for players to find teammates, for game developers to reach players and for scholars to find and apply for a scholarship program that is just right for them.

Good Games Labs is an innovative program developed by Good Games Guild that aims to be an investment arm between the blockchain project and the cryptocurrency community. Currently, Good Games Labs are invested in more than 100 GameFi projects including industry-leading titles such as Pegaxy, Planet Sandbox, and Cyball. Aradena is one of the latest GameFi projects to join the Good Games Labs portfolio after they invested in Aradena’s private token sale.

How will Good Games Guild support Aradena?

After being introduced to the Aradena project and the team behind it, Good Games Guild were excited to invest in a game that had the vision to be complex and fun-to-play, whilst also providing great economic incentives to their scholars. They saw the value in focusing on exciting gameplay for the longevity of the game and to attract new gamers to their scholarship system.

The Aradena team is focused on working with the industry’s top gaming guilds, like Good Gaming Guild, to bring awareness and players from experienced play-to-earn gaming communities into the Aradena ecosystem.

Here’s how Good Games Guild will help the Aradena project:

  • One aspect of the Aradena x Good Games Guild relationship will be to develop clear onboarding guides for new players within the Aradena and Good Games Guild communities. It will be extremely helpful for new players to quickly understand how best to play the game, whether that’s outlining the best strategies to defeat your opponents or deciding on which in-game items to purchase or wield to gain the maximum rewards from the game. Gaming Guilds like GGG are experts at this and will be able to help the Aradena team to create awesome onboarding guides for new players.
  • Good Games Guilds will also be helping the Aradena team to iterate and improve our gaming economy and ecosystem. The GameFi industry is so new and innovative that there is no golden rule for in-game economies. So, a key strategy for the Aradena team is to share our ideas with industry thought leaders to improve on what we already have. This will enable us to deliver on our mission to create a next-generation game economy, taking what games like Axie Infinity have done to a whole new level with more long term stability.
  • Good Games Guild will also work with the Aradena marketing team to create exciting campaigns and community events to help expose Aradena to a large and new audience of professional play-to-earn gamers. This will not only bring lots of new players into the Aradena ecosystem but the increased attention will no doubt increase the demand for Aradena’s genesis NFTs.

Summary and Links:

The Aradena team are thrilled to announce that Good Games Guilds are invested in the project and to have one of the leading gaming guilds as a partner. We are excited to continue developing a strong working relationship with Good Games Guild and to provide their scholars with a truly immersive play-to-earn game.


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Aradena is a medieval fantasy gaming brand created by Litoja Labs. Aradena: Battlegrounds is a tactical TCG where collectable cards come to life.

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