Aradena X Kaloscope Partnership

Aradena has partnered with Kaloscope to give our community an opportunity to own an exclusive Aradena themed metaverse space!

What is Kaloscope?

Kaloscope is a mobile social media metaverse platform launching on Polygon. It allows NFT collectors to display their digital assets in premium augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and extended reality (XR) environments.

The limited-edition Aradena themed metaverse space is the first of its kind on Kaloscope. This partnership not only gives Aradena holders an exciting new way to display their NFTs but it highlights to other NFT projects and holders the fantastic utility that has been created by the talented team at Kaloscope!

Kaloscope’s mobile-first application consists of two core elements:

1. The primary element is a first-generation social media platform for NFT collectors that enables users to display their digital assets in AR, VR and XR environments. These environments can be adapted and made interactive with exclusive Kaloscope NFTs and digital accessories. Kind of like a social media profile that you’d use to showcase your NFT collection.

2. The second aim for Kaloscope is to establish a digital economy within their metaverse, whereby users are rewarded for interacting on the platform, completing certain quests and for holding specific NFTs on an ongoing basis.

Aradena x Kaloscope Partnership

We have been working closely with Kaloscope to create an exclusive Aradena themed metaverse space where owners can invite their friends and share their NFT collections. Aradena fans will be able to stand out from the crowd and represent the Aradena community with an awesome medieval themed metaverse environment. Everything from the entrance to your gallery, the gallery itself and eventually the decorations inside can be Aradenafied.

The limited-edition Aradena themed NFT metaverse showrooms are the first of their kind with other big projects preparing to enter the Kaloscope ecosystem in the near future.

We have been impressed by the quality of assets being produced by the Kaloscope team, and are excited about the custom NFT virtual portals that will be accessible within the Kaloscope app upon release. The NFT virtual portals are like custom gateways that can be used to connect to other metaverse spaces. Once launched, this feature will enable you to invite friends from other metaverses to your custom Aradena metaverse space, host events, hang out, play games and embark on quests together.

How Can You Get Involved With Kaloscope?

If you’d like to get involved with the Kaloscope project before the Aradena metaverse NFT drop, then you can purchase one of their NFT passes that rewards early supporters. Originally, a limited number of Diamond Passes (500) and Gold Passes (1000) were minted and airdropped to community members as part of a community-led competition. Kaloscope Pass holders will gain access to a variety of benefits such as:

  • Early access to NFT sales
  • Kaloscope token allocation
  • Access to exclusive areas within Kaloscope’s metaverse
  • Invited to real-world events
  • Special perks at the MetaTerrace (a metaverse-themed restaurant in Dubai)
  • Airdropped exclusive NFTs
  • Custom profile accessories
  • Staking rewards
  • Reward distribution

If you want in on these benefits, you can pick up a Pass on the secondary market. The floor price for Diamond Passes is already at 0.39 ETH (at the time of writing) and the highest recorded sale is 1.5 ETH.

Kaloscope will be announcing more information about the upcoming Aradena drop over the next few weeks and so will we — so make sure you’re following us on Twitter and join our Discord to stay up to date with the developments of this dynamic partnership!




News & info from Aradena - an NFT gaming company focused on fun & strategic P2E gaming within our medieval fantasy metaverse

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News & info from Aradena - an NFT gaming company focused on fun & strategic P2E gaming within our medieval fantasy metaverse

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