Aradena x PathDAO Strategic Partnership

PathDAO invested in the seed & private round of our token sale and will help the Aradena team with onboarding play-to-earn gaming scholars, introductions to tier 1 VCs & KOLs, and advice on our gaming economy.

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About PathDAO

PathDAO was founded in 2021 by Jansen Teng and Wee Kee Tiew to help bring millions to Web 3. It’s a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that creates value for investors and players by partnering with and investing in exciting GameFi, NFT, or Web3 social projects.

The PathDAO team has nine founding members and is based in Southeast Asia. IRL, they graduated from prestigious universities and have worked as entrepreneurs (property online marketplaces, career aggregation sites), management consultants from Boston Consulting Group, data scientists, private equity investors, programmers, solar engineers, aerodynamics engineers and artists.

Their community is over 40,000 members strong, they have invested in more than 30 GameFi projects and hold more than $19 million worth of NFT & token assets. Plus, with over 5000 active scholars and key partnerships across the growing blockchain metaverse, PathDAO has quickly achieved a global reach and is helping to define how blockchain technology can bring individuals, communities, and cultures together.

How will PathDAO support Aradena?

PathDAO will have an important role in helping Aradena to achieve our mission of creating a next-generation, play-to-earn blockchain game. They are emerging as one of the world’s leading play-to-earn communities with a vision to become ‘the Steam of web3’. PathDAO will help expose Aradena to a whole new audience of passionate play-to-earn gamers while also contributing their wealth of industry experience across key development phases.

Here’s how PathDAO will support the Aradena project:

  • PathDAO has over 5000 scholars and continues to grow on a daily basis. They will be preparing their community of play-to-earn gamers for the upcoming launch of Aradena: Battlegrounds by keeping them informed on key development milestones as we approach the full game release later this year. Furthermore, they will also be educating their scholars on how to play the game and how to maximise their earning potential.
  • The Aradena team has a huge focus on creating an innovative and sustainable play-to-earn game economy. So we will be sharing our ideas with the industry’s leading minds to ensure we create the most efficient, sustainable & lucrative gaming economy to date. The PathDAO team spends a lot of time playing web3 games and working with the industry’s leading projects, so we will be working with the team to improve upon our initial gaming economy ideas by unlocking their expert knowledge.
  • PathDAO is also very well connected within the Web3 space and has already been a great help with connecting us with extremely valuable partners. They will continue to link us with tier-1 VCs, partners and projects to help with our fundraising and community growth.

Summary and Links:

We are very excited to have PathDAO onboard as an investor in the Aradena project. They will not only expose Aradena to a large community of experienced play-to-earn gamers but they will also be able to help us develop a healthy play-to-earn ecosystem by building on the experience they have with other leading play-to-earn games.


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