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Aradena will operate a dual-token tokenomics model where Aradenean Gold (AG) is the governance token, and Aradenean Silver (AS) is the in-game rewards token.

Both tokens will be required throughout a variety of in-game actions, and owning AG will allow players to earn AS more efficiently because the AG token will offer perks through staking and other features. This incentivises holding AG tokens and helps to drive the value of the token.

There are a number of innovative velocity sinks in-game for both tokens, including many that burn AS upon use to ensure stable token prices and sustainable growth.

Both AG and AS, as well as in-game NFT assets, will be included in variable amounts within Loot Chests that players receive in-game. The rewards system will be explained in more detail within another, upcoming document.

Aradenean Gold

Aradenean Gold is our governance token. It will be launched as an IDO on Seedify’s launchpad where it will be available to purchase. There will be a finite supply of 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) tokens that are controlled via a vesting schedule. This means that tokens will be locked within smart contract vaults and released over a period of time to ensure that the token cannot be “dumped” to keep the token price stable.

AG is a deflationary token with a finite supply, therefore as demand grows over time, the price will naturally rise, heavily rewarding early adopters and holders.

The infographics below show the detailed split of tokens and their vesting schedules.

Utility of AG

Aradenean Gold can be staked for in-game rewards and benefits to the user. Our staking system will be explained in its own, more detailed document, but some of the benefits will include reduced transaction fees, increased efficiency in stamina boost NFTs, options to purchase extra loot chest spaces, and much more.

It will also be used as the governance token of Aradena, allowing holders of AG to participate in proposals and decisions of the company in order to create a truly decentralised game and virtual world.

AG will also be used for a number of in-game features. To ensure that all players can play effectively regardless of their personal wealth, the amount of AG required for these will be limited due to the expected value of the token, and AG will be earnable in Loot Chests for in-game performance.

Key activities requiring AG as payment:

  • Recruiting new warriors
  • Tournament entry fees
  • Guild creation
  • Buying NFTs in the marketplace
  • Guild upgrades
  • Game cosmetic upgrades

Aradenean Silver

Aradenean Silver will be the primary token used for in-game activities and received for in-game rewards. It will have an unlimited supply and will be minted (created) when awarded to players through Loot Chests. The unlimited supply classifies this token as an inflationary token, however, the use of innovative velocity sinks and burning mechanisms will be used to maintain token stability.

Burning of this token is critical for the economy of the game as players need to earn a stable amount for the P2E model to work, if too much AS was created then the value of it would reduce, thus reducing players earning potential. How this will be done is outlined below.

Stability of AS

For economic stability, spending opportunities and the burning of AS must be well balanced with earning opportunities and the minting of AS. This is achieved in Aradena in two ways:

1. Increasing the number of alternative rewards within Loot Chests, such as NFTs that can be used in-game. This can support a natural reduction in the number of tokens being issued for in-game rewards, which will be delivered through a verifiable random reward system.

2. Creating multiple ways to spend the tokens through in-game features, then burning all of the tokens when they are spent to counteract inflationary pressure. These are outlined below.

Key activities requiring AS to be burnt are:

  • Recruiting new warriors
  • Training warriors
  • Creating a guild
  • Inviting players to a guild
  • Joining a guild
  • Mercenary commission fee
  • Tournaments entry fee
  • Store purchases
  • 15% withdrawal fee


The marketplace in Aradena will be a place for users to buy and sell Aradenean NFTs by utilising a layer 2 solution which will drastically reduce gas fees. By creating this proprietary marketplace, the 3rd party commissions will be removed which will increase the profit for sellers. There will be a transaction fee on all sales within the marketplace to ensure that the Treasury and Game Rewards sections are replenished, creating a sustainable ecosystem for the P2E model.


Genesis Collection (Men):

Genesis Collection (Women):






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