Playtest Weekend Nov. 17th

2 min readNov 17, 2023

Playtest Weekend Kicks Off Friday

This weekend, Aradena is opening up the servers for play. This month we’ve been cleaning things up with QOL and interface updates and various UI improvements.

The servers will open at 12pm UTC on Friday 17th November running through 12 PM UTC on Monday 20th. Prizes include loot chests, card packs, warriors, cosmetics, and more. Please read on for more details and full patch notes, and we’ll see you on the battlegrounds very soon…

Playtest Details

The Playtest will be 3-days, running from Friday 17th November, 12:00 pm UTC to Monday 20th November, 12:00 pm UTC.

Milestone Prize Details:

On top of our leaderboard prizes, we will be offering additional milestone prizes open to anybody. These are structured as follows:

  • 1 game = +50 Silver, 5x each Commodity
  • 10+ points = +100 Silver, 5x each Commodity
  • 20+ points = 1 Genesis Card Pack, 1 Silver Card Pack
  • 50+ points = 2 Genesis Card Pack, 1 Silver Card Pack
  • 100+ points = 3 Genesis Card Packs, 1 Loot Chest, Early Testing Access

*Genesis Packs are first come first serve, 500 Supply. Eligibility for Pack Claims will be based on points at the end of the tournament not when the achievement was reached.


Every account that plays at least 5 games will be entered in a random drawing to win one of the following prizes:

  • 1 x 1 Mighty Warrior
  • 1 x 1 Mighty Woman Warrior
  • 1 x 1 Silver Cosmetic Set (Golem Skin, Ornament, and Card Back)
  • 10 x Genesis card packs x 2
  • 10 x Loot Chests x 2

Point scoring still works the same, 3 points for a win, 1 for a loss or concession, and 0 for a disconnect or concession before Turn 4. There are prize milestones for achieving over 1, 20, 50, and 100 points.

Please note that as in our previous tournaments, Aradena makes sure to maintain fair competition and will revise the scores of any players who rack up points through feeding/trading games or engaging in other unsporting activities.

Patch Notes (Beta v0.3)


  • New mulligan system allows for keeping select cards

UI Updates:

  • UI improvements and functionality added to Deck builder
  • HUD visibility improved
  • Text readability improved
  • Units that have yet to move/attack now have a glow around them
  • Opponent hand size measure added to HUD
  • Tutorial sequence added
  • Tooltips added to HUD elements
  • Default card back updated
  • Card frame stat badges updated
  • Unit health and attack badges updated
  • Facing indicator changed from semicircle to semihex
  • Movement/Attack/Targeting lines updated

Bug Fixes & Adjustments:

  • Blink and Gain mana starter P2 cards no longer reshuffle/duplicate back into the deck on mulligan
  • Card playing and deployment inputs improved




Aradena is a medieval fantasy gaming brand created by Litoja Labs. Aradena: Battlegrounds is a tactical TCG where collectable cards come to life.