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Quest Noticeboard


The release of on-chain questing and warrior skills will coincide with the IDO launch of Aradenean Gold (AG). Players will be able to send warrior NFTs on quests, earning AG as well as new NFT commodities and other items.

The warriors performing quests will gain experience points (XP), leveling up the relevant skill level. As warriors level up, new titles will be available within a skill tree. Players can then spend AG and NFT commodities to unlock these titles when available, these titles will provide a variety of boosts when performing quests and will later have a positive effect on the warrior’s performance in Battlegrounds. This will increase economic gains from questing and increase the overall value of the warrior.

Questing and warrior skills will provide important utility for the AG token upon launch to ensure a sustainable token price, whilst also allowing Aradena to reward early adopters by providing utility for holding Warrior NFTs.

Overall, players will be able to earn AG tokens and new NFTs, whilst increasing the value of their warriors through a fun, gamified system. The infographic below shows the three main quest types and skills with their rewards and requirements.

Questing Infographic

Objectives and Player Benefits:

  • Utility and earning opportunities for early holders of warriors
  • Fun gamification and narratives for players to explore
  • Ability for early adopters to begin building up their share of AG before full Battlegrounds game release and wider adoption
  • Allows players to start improving their warriors and increase their overall long-term value
  • Facilities a leaner development process and allows Aradena to test our token economy and collect data to continuously improve our ecosystem before mass adoption
  • Substantial utility for the AG token facilitating a sustainable token price from the questing and skill tree system, and the constant release of new features and releases to further the tokens utility

Questing User Flow

  1. Select the noticeboard on the world map game menu
  2. Choose a quest location
  3. Select a quest from the quests available at that location
  4. View the quest screen with artwork, narrative, and reward details
  5. Select warrior(s) to go on the quest
  6. Warrior(s) unavailable on quest
  7. Player receives a notification on quest completion
  8. Player views narrative, artwork, and their rewards
  9. Prompt to send another warrior on a quest
Questing User Flow

Questing Details:

There will initially be three types of quests:

  • Towns Guard
  • Beast Hunters
  • Merchant Navy

New, unique quests will also appear around the map and only last for a limited period. These will have unique storylines and rewards. Some will follow a continuous narrative following and preceding other quests, and some will be stand-alone events. Unique quests will be depicted on the map by a “!” quest marker.

Some quests will be a combination of more than one quest type, and quests will vary in duration and potential rewards. All quest types will be viewable from the noticeboard, a location in the middle of the world map that allows players to conveniently shortcut to quest locations.

Players will also have the convenient option to send batches of warriors on the same quest, making the UX much more efficient for players with large warrior collections. When batch questing, each warrior will still perform its own quest and receive its own reward — there will be no group buff.

Noticeboard UI Example

Warrior Performance and Rewards

Rewards for questing will be a variety of AG, NFT commodities, other NFT items, and warrior XP for the relevant skill. Rewards are impacted by the quest itself, as well as the warrior performing the quest, as different warriors will perform better at different types of quests.

Factors that will affect warrior quest performance are:

  • Warrior class
  • Correct properties for the quest
  • Relevant skill level
  • Relevant title and boosts

Skill Tree User Flow

  1. Warrior earns XP and level ups from questing to unlock a new available title
  2. Player selects the skills tree location on the world map game menu
  3. Player selects an available warrior
  4. Player views warrior skill tree and relevant information
  5. Player selects a section of the skill tree to enter a focused view
  6. Player purchases an available title using AG and NFT commodities
  7. Success animation displayed, new title and relevant boosts added to warrior
  8. Player returns to the focused view
Skill Tree User Flow

XP and Skill Levels

There will initially be three skills which will be earned by the following types of quests:

  • Strategy — Towns Guard
  • Survival — Beast Hunters
  • Leadership — Merchant Navy

Skill levels will range from level 0 to level 70. Experience points (XP) are earned by warriors for completing quests, which automatically progress the warrior to the next skill level, and each level will exponentially require more XP to reach.

Higher skill levels will unlock higher difficulty quests and provide small boosts to potential earnings on relevant quest types. Skill levels will also be displayed as an NFT property.

Skill Tree

Higher skill levels will also unlock new available titles which a warrior can be upgraded to within the skill tree using AG and NFT commodities.

In the skill tree, players will be able to make choices to take the warrior down different paths, containing different titles and boosts. Some mixed titles will also allow warriors to sidestep into different paths, and a set of top tier titles, shown within the circles below, require multiple titles acquired with maxed out skill levels in order to be unlocked.

Skill Tree
Titles and Levels for Survival Upgrades in the Skill Tree

Titles and Boosts

Titles provide significant boosts to a warrior, enhancing performance in questing, and later, affecting performance in Battlegrounds. Each acquired title provides a new boost that stacks on top of all other boosts from previously acquired titles, and some unique quests will require a particular title to unlock. The highest title a warrior owns will be displayed as an NFT property, whilst in-game screens will show a detailed view of all titles a warrior owns.

Different types of boosts affect the warrior’s performance in quests in different ways, the main types of boosts will be:

  • Increased AG rewards
  • Reduced quest duration
  • Increased XP and commodity rewards


Commodities will be NFTs stored within a player’s inventory, and they can be traded or used by players to unlock new titles and boosts for their warriors. There will initially be three commodities that can be earned from different quests, these are:

  • Rum: Earned from Towns Guard quests, Used to unlock Sailing titles
  • Beasts Blood: Earned from Beast Hunter quests, Used to unlock Strategy titles
  • Potions: Earned from Merchant Navy quests, Used to unlock Survival titles

As shown below, commodities earned from quests will be used to increase boosts on other quest types to encourage players to engage in different types of quests.

Questing Infographic

Future of Questing

The Aradena team plans to develop the questing system by including more gamification, and potentially also including player based decisions which affect the outcome of the quest and rewards received.

In sync with our community-led development process, this will depend on community feedback and voting in our Discord. So as always, please head over there to provide your feedback on the current plans and future ideas.

Thanks for reading, exciting times lie ahead in the world of Aradena!



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