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Thank you to everyone in the community who has been providing extensive feedback on v1 of the Recruitment System. The Aradena Team has been reviewing all input and discussion at length and the purpose of this document is to propose v2 of the system.

For newcomers: Aradena: Battlegrounds will implement a recruitment system that allows the owners of Warriors of Aradena, and Women of Aradena NFTs to mint from a new generation. Each new generation will be part of a new and different NFT collection on a layer 2 solution and will be an even split of male and female warriors. This system will allow Aradena to exponentially increase the number of players whilst allowing genesis holders to gain significant value by expanding their army or selling newly recruited warriors in the marketplace.

In v2, The Aradena Team is proposing to completely remove the failure system and implement a new system whereby the player must use a Recruitment Rune to perform a recruitment. Runes will be distributed as NFT rewards, the quantity of which will be controlled by a complex algorithm depending on key metrics to measure the demand for new players joining. This will allow us to still create a sustainable ecosystem whereby the number of warriors created matches the player demand whilst not needing to have an element of failed recruitment.

As well as this, we are also proposing other changes including: Increased probabilities of higher-level warriors recruiting warriors with higher stats; increased probabilities of recruiting a warrior with the same properties that the recruiting warrior has; and multiple warriors being used on a single recruitment.

Recruitment Flow:

  1. Enter recruitment application via the Aradena web application
  2. Select the warrior(s) that will be performing the recruitment
  3. Select the required recruitment rune
  4. Select optional recruitment gems
  5. Pay the recruitment fee
  6. Warrior(s) conduct the recruitment and are unavailable for a duration of time
  7. Newly recruited Warrior arrives

Recruitment Dynamics

Each warrior attempting to recruit will be unavailable for any other game actions for a duration of time whilst they are travelling to the recruitment camp. A player may perform multiple recruitment actions with different warriors at the same time if they wish. After recruitment, the recruiting warrior will enter a cooldown period where they will not be able to attempt to recruit again for a TBD period of time.

Once recruitment is complete, the player will receive a new NFT in their wallet. There will be a short time delay in which this new NFT will display a placeholder whilst the newly recruited warrior prepares to join your army. After this period the NFT will embody the warrior with its properties and stats in full.

Recruitment Runes

Ancient runes will be NFT items that allow players to perform a recruitment with any warrior that they own. They will be awarded to players via in-game rewards and controlled by a verified complex algorithm that uses on-chain data and oracles to access off-chain data. This will all be transparent within the smart contracts created for recruitment. Runes will have a varying amount of gem slots available on them which allow users the possibility of equipping gems to the rune for recruitment.

Recruitment Gems

Recruitment gems are not required for recruitment but can be used in combination with recruitment runes to provide boosts to the outcome of recruitment. There will be a wide range of these gems including power gems (increasing the chance of a higher tier warrior) and time gems (decreasing the time required for a recruitment). Gems will also be tradable NFTs that can be won via in-game rewards.

Recruitment Caps

The recruitment cap will remain at 8 recruitments per warrior. This is primarily to ensure that the pool of new recruits has a finite cap, which is a safer option for the sustainability of the ecosystem and the stability of warrior NFT prices. A cap also facilitates a more even spread of different warriors. However, we are still discussing the possibility of Heroics and Legendaries being able to recruit slightly more than Mighties, for example, Heroics = 10 and Legendaries = 12.

Other strategies can be implemented to increase the player base in creative ways through new playable NFTs. The medieval fantasy world within which Aradena lies could contain many different races, including Orcs, Dwarves, Elves and other mythical creatures. We love the community suggestions to release new collections based on other mythical creatures. However, this must be carefully planned to ensure that they would only be released at a later stage when is the appropriate timing for the game and demand from new players to ensure that it does not impact the value of our early adopters. Nonetheless, it does provide a potentially great opportunity to bring new players into the game when the entry point is too high, and could be tied in with the lore and game narrative of Aradena in a very exciting way, alongside play-to-mint tournaments.

Recruitment Costs

Recruitment will cost a larger amount of Aradenean Silver and a smaller amount of Aradenean Gold. A layer 2 scaling solution will be utilised in order to minimise the gas fees charged to the user. Each time a certain warrior has performed a recruitment, the cost will increase to perform another recruitment.

Recruitment Tier System

The recruitment tier system is unchanged from v1. All warriors will be split into 5 different recruitment tiers depending on the total sum of their five stats. The tier of the warrior performing the recruitment will affect the chances of what tier the newly recruited warrior will be in. The table below outlines these probabilities.

Recruitment Tier System

Warrior Level Boost

We want to ensure players are rewarded for time spent playing the game and demonstrating more skill in-game. One mechanism we propose to do this is by improving the probability that a higher level warrior (one that has earned more experience points by playing more battles and performing better in battle) recruits a warrior with higher stats.

Warrior Properties Boost

A new feature of recruitment that was proposed by the community was to increase the probability of recruiting a warrior with the same properties that the recruiting warrior has whilst deducting equally the boost % from the remaining assets using an automatic algorithm. The Aradena Team recently held a community vote for this and it was voted heavily in favour, so we can confirm that this will be implemented.

Example: A warrior performing recruitment that has the property “Kings Armour” (0.23% probability) will receive a TBD boost (e.g x2) to the chance of the newly recruited warrior also having the “King Armour” property.

Multi Warrior Recruitment

Another feature we are proposing due to community feedback is the introduction of multi warrior recruitment. This feature will allow players to send multiple warriors on a single recruitment, allowing for more strategic choices of warrior combinations to affect the outcome of the recruited warrior. The main advantage will be that using multi warrior recruitment will increase the multiplier effect as to the potential properties that the recruited warrior will have.

Example: Two warriors performing recruitment that both have the property “Kings Armour” will receive a TBD boost (e.g x4) to the chance of the newly recruited warrior also having the “King Armour” property.

This feature will be optional, allowing users to recruit with a single warrior or multiple (likely capped at two, but there is scope to extend this), thus also keeping entry costs lower for players who want to recruit with just one warrior. Multi warrior recruitment will not be limited by gender requirements.

One potential issue that arises from multi recruitment is how it affects recruitment caps. Our proposal is to implement an equal probability that one of the recruiting warriors will use a recruitment slot. For example, if a player uses two warriors for recruitment then it is a 50/50 chance between them which one is the ‘primary recruiter’ and uses up a recruitment slot. The other warrior, whilst affecting the outcome of the recruitment, will have their amount of recruitments available stay the same. This prevents the discouragement of using the multi recruitment system which would come from using two recruitment slots (one from each warrior)

Generation Two Warriors

The Aradena Team is planning to introduce a number of new properties and the associated artwork for generation two warriors to ensure that there is an increasing amount of diversity across Warrior NFTs. This could be implemented by either removing certain properties from the existing pool for second-generation warriors (rendering those properties exclusive to the genesis warriors) or by keeping all other properties and just reducing their outcome likelihood to allow for the new properties to be included in the outcome pool.

Second generation warriors will not immediately be able to recruit from a third-generation, as this will be implemented as and when it is appropriate for the ecosystem based on the number of warriors being created and the demand of new players joining the game.


Genesis Collection (Men):

Genesis Collection (Women):






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